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With this exciting test you can get the evidence that you wanted !!!

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Action at a Distance: The Transfer Test

Action at a Distance is a characteristic of life force, and as such it has been known to humankind since the dawn of its existence. In fact, humans naturally have made extensive use of this potential of life force: Just think of the many forms of healing at a distance, shamanism, extra sensory perception and projection, clair voyance and, more recently, radionics.

In fact, the basis of astrology, i.e., the impact of the planets and zodiacal signs upon fields of life experience, i.e., upon the layout of the mundane houses, is result of this characteristic of life force. You can find out more about this, including the theoretical basis and common functional principle of all action at a distance that is based on life force, in the free course “magic of the future”

Naturally, in this extra powerful and new technology of Astro Dynamic Manifestation, this transfer of life force with attached and re-directed planetary energies and other energies of the universe plays the key role.

In the following, you can experience that which many persons who are all too entrenched in dogmatic pop-scientific prejudices consider sheer impossible.

In fact, this experience of life energy transfer can well be the turning point in the way you are perceiving your surroundings in particular and the universe in general. You can also see this experience as a turning point in the way you are dealing with life and destiny: Now you can have the evidence that you are at the very threshhold to a new outlook on life, in which you can take control of relationships, money, profession, business, energy and life itself.

To feel life force at a distance is extremely easy!

Print out the diagram to your left.
Hold the center of your palm 2 - 4 inches above the printed diagram. Make sure the hand is relaxed.
Almost immediately you will feel something: either a gentle warmth (65% of the persons performing this test), a slight cool breeze (25%), or a tingling (5%). Some people feel combinations of tingling and warmth or cool breeze and tingling.

You feel life force, because an identical diagram is next to one of our Chi Generators in our labortatory. Since the identical diagrams act as structural links, you can consciously draw life force from this generator. What you are feeling in this exciting test is raw and unmodified life force, while in your work with Astro-Dynamic Manifestation, you can send modified life force into the various areas of your house, office, and, most importantly, to yourself. In fact, this is the principle of the life force technology, that we have mentioned above, and which has been used by healers, shamans, priests and psychics since the dawn of humankind, and it has always helped them to manifest the effects that they desired. Our scientific approach combined with the generator of life force makes this work much easier for you and much more effective than can be done by any professional practitioner or group of practitioners who limit themselves to the more traditional methods. In fact, with this exciting new technology, traditional methods became obsolete: As obsolete as a good pair of shoes versus a plane ticket when you want to travel from San Francisco to New York.

And now, you can get better and highly interesting results when you print out the diagrams below, call us at HSCTI or any one of our distributors for an individualized transfer of life force.

Tel. +1 770 783 0563 -- Mo - Fr, 12:00 noon - 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time


planets for chi transfer

astrological houses for chi transfer

Your 24-Hour Chi Transfer Test

Astrological Symbols (1) Print the two diagrams above or click here for a download, and print download
astrological symbols cutout (2) Cut out transfer diagrams, the circle with the four elements (a graphic representation of a magical altar, see www.magickcourse.com) and the sample cards of the "Alphabet of Success."
chi transfer diagrams

(3) Take the transfer diagrams and call us for your 24-hour test.  To make your diagrams unique, we will tell you letters and the sectors where to inscribe them on all three diagrams.

We will inscribe the same letters on one of our blank diagrams, and

Call  +1 770 783 0563 -- Mo - Fr,
12:00 noon - 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time
or call a distributor close to you

chi transfer from our lab

(4) We will put the individualized diagram with the same incribed letters onto a Chi Generator®.

By now, your diagram is connected to this Chi Generator® and it will be connected for a full 24 hours.

Now you can proceed on your own.

chi transfer test 1

(5) At first, test one of your diagrams for energy output: Hold the center of your palm 2 - 4 inches above the printed diagram. Make sure the hand is relaxed. Almost immediately you will feel something: either a gentle warmth, a slight cool breeze, or a tingling. Some people feel combinations of tingling and warmth or cool breeze and tingling.

chi transfer test with wrist

(6) As an alternative, hold your wrist above the transfer diagram.  To fully supercharge yourself with energy, simply carry this transfer diagram on yourself for 20-30 minutes.

Astrological Symbols (7) This is a setup for success, in which you are using the four elements and cards that you printed out.  Put the transfer in the center and supercharge yourself with energy, with new ideas, with creativity and a positive attitude towards success in general. 
astrological symbols cutout

(8) Here you use the same setup and charge drinking water with this energy for success, transforming the water in a success-drink that is supercharged with life energy.  Of course, you can also charge food, supplements and any other beverages with this energy. 

For pure optimizing of water and super-charging it with life force, see www.livingchiwater.com.

chi transfer diagrams

(9) In this example you transfer this energy for success to yourself at any distance:  Put one of the transfers into the center of the circle and carry the other transfer on yourself.

chi transfer from our lab

(10) Finally, this shows how you can super-charge water at a distance with any energy that you custom-design.  In this case you are using the element-disk with symbols of the Alphabet of Success.

Astrological Symbols (11) Here is a setup for meditation and to develop ESP and other skills of the mind.  Again you put the one of the transfers in the center of the circle while you are carrying the other transfer on yourself.
astrological symbols cutout (12) This is a design for protection against negativity or magical attacks.  Again, you can charge an area with this energy or you can carry the other transfer with yourself, or both.
chi transfer diagrams

(10) Here a setup for body building , using the card for muscle strength and vitality.  With the second transfer on yoursenf, you can transfer the sports energy at any distance and you can charge water for this purpose.

chi transfer from our lab

(11) This setup is for weight control: fat burning and counteracting junk food advertising.  An ideal life energy charge for slim-down drinks!

Astrological Symbols (8) Here is an astrological setup for sports.  For more information about astrology, see www.astroboost.com and download the astrological symbols.  You can find additional information about Chi energy and sports in www.eliteboost.com.
astrological symbols cutout (9) Here is a feng shui application that would be impossible with traditional feng shui.  It shows how you can send the same feng shui energy to two different locations in the same area.  For more, see

And now have fun with your Transfer Test !!!

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